To remove the bug is quite simple.

31 Aug all iPhone and iPad users running any beta versions of iOS 12 began to show a nasty bug. When you unlock the device and each time you open “notification Center” has become a pop-up message “an update is Available iOS. Update is installed on your iOS 12”. Fortunately, we quickly found a way to get rid of it.

The problem with the message “an update is Available iOS. Update installed You beta 12 iOS” became available to all iPhone and iPad users that have installed the beta version of iOS 12. The message that many users have been forced to close more than a dozen times, and appears even on old beta versions of iOS 12.

However, there is a very easy way to get rid of such messages. To do this, just need to move the date one day ago. Immediately after that, a pop-up message asking you to upgrade to a non-existent firmware will be lost.

Of course, for some users, this method will not work. In particular, those who are actively using the Calendar app. When moving the system date on iPhone and iPad will automatically shift and the dates of the events in the calendar. However, at the moment this is the only working way to remove the annoying messages.

Apple is expected to solve the problem during the day.

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