Despite the fact that iOS 12 was welcomed by the users quite well, this operating system there is one known issue is the low battery life. Many owners of iOS devices have noticed that after upgrading their gadgets began to work on a single charge much less. The problem was fairly common, and negative reviews can be found almost everywhere — on specialized sites, social networks, and even in the official Apple community.

Moreover, the problem has affected not only iPhone but also iPad. Here’s how commented one of the owners of the tablet PC Apple:

The night before my iPad could lose only 1% charge. After I updated to iOS 12, my iPad is losing 30% battery during the same time period.

According to one user, the problem lies in the new iOS 12, which is called “Screen time”. He claims, after disabling this option, the indicators of autonomy immediately returned to normal.

I upgraded to version 12 a few days ago and immediately noticed how quickly it goes to the battery, even if rarely used. To resolve this problem, I restored the device as new, but it didn’t help. Then I started to disable features and services, trying to find the “culprit celebrations”. In my case, helped only option “Screen time”.

If you are faced with similar problems, as a temporary solution, we suggest to do the same by disabling this option. To do this:

  • Launch Settings on your iOS device.
  • Go to “Screen time”.
  • Scrolling through to the end, select “Off Screen time”.
  • To restart the device.

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