The attackers used an unusual tactic.

Each year the government and law enforcement agencies are taking all measures to protect Russians from fraud. However, attackers are also improving and inventing new ways of cheating. One of the latest of such new methods has been actively used against customers of “Sberbank”.

A call from a “robot”

Despite the warnings and even the recent “savings” quizto find out how much the protected clients ‘ money Bank, fraud through phone calls remains the most popular and effective method of fraud. But customers of “Sberbank”, of course, are becoming more savvy, and some bitter experience of their friends. As a result, conventional fraudulent telephone calls in which criminals try to convince Bank customers to send cherished SMS to number 900, bring have less fruit.

But scammers still find loopholes. On the last of fraud schemes to clients of “Sberbank” call not people, but robots. When the user lifts the handset, including swing rooms, about which we wrote earlier, he did not respond live employee. Instead, it starts playing the recording of the answering machine, which often greatly reduces the vigilance of the victims.

This is not surprising, since users supposedly tapped “automatically generated message from the Bank”. In this message, of course, created by the fraudsters, stating that the account of the customer noticed a suspicious login attempt and money transfer in Qiwi.

Thus, the scammers force the victim to immediately start to get nervous. First they lull the user that the call goes like from the automatic warning system, and after that created a fear of possible loss of money. No wonder that in such a situation the victim may get confused and report the scammers the data they need. But attackers require a contract number or credit card number, and still by a message from the answering machine recorded previously.

On the use of this method for the last couple of weeks reported by some users. All they said on social networks about what really had experienced anything like this before.

How to protect yourself?

The only 100% sure way to protect yourself is vigilance. What would call you to do, especially in the coming Christmas holidays when scammers aktiviziruyutsya most of all, it is better to reset the call and to call back in “Sberbank” with the aim of clarifying points of interest.


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