Today beer lovers planet is celebrating international beer day, and MacDigger have prepared a selection of free apps, useful for parties and guests.


Dear readers, alcohol brings emotional peace, but it is harmful for the body. All the tips in this article and in the applications need to come from the mind and given the state of health and possible risks.

Game for parties

App for fun parties with the participation of 3 and more people. The players receive instructions or rules that need to be done until it is their turn.

The developers have provided several modes, and can help you to choose the pace of drinking alcohol. The easy mode contains mostly only interesting tasks and rarely force players to reach for the glass.

Download app Game for parties.


Untappd allows you to find and mark pubs. Residents of small towns will have to enter the favorite hot spots of their own.

The app allows you to monitor the parties and other events at your favorite pub.

Download the app Untappd.

BJCP Styles

Updated the encyclopedia of world Beers.

Download the app BJCP Styles.

Simulator Drink Beer Joke

Are at the party, but drink not hunting? Turn the situation into a joke.

When friends will once again raise their glasses to drink to the health of St. Patrick, run the simulator and technites phone.

Download the app Simulator Drink a Beer Joke.

Simulator Farm Beer

A very simple clicker, which can be dealt with even if seeing double, and the player is barely holding on with one hand on the wall.

Download the app Simulator Farm Beer.

All a nice Friday!


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