Many apps for iPhone Wallpapers is clogged and require a paid subscription. We have selected 3 easy to use program, with a minimum of ads and cool pictures.


The app allows you to switch between the new and selected images. To save the picture to phone memory, enough to briefly push it.

In the settings Background there is a large button that allows you to remove the application cache.

For 300 rubles, the developers offer completely get rid of ads and enable the search function.

Download Background at this link.


The main purpose of Clarity is to help the user to transform pictures taken with the camera in the screen saver desktop. The developers have provided a set of filters and other tools to work with images.

The application is available in “Gallery” section where you can find a lot of cool processed images posted by other users.

Access to some of the pictures you can get for 350 rubles a year, but without a paid subscription, the choice is large.

Download Clarity at this link.


The application has a search box through which you can quickly find the saver with a picture of your favorite city or totem animal.

Unsplash is set at least just for the sake of climbing section, Explore a beautiful themed images.

In-app purchases in application no.

Download Unsplash at this link.

Bonus: Patternator

In the Patternator consists of a huge number of GIF animations that can be combined to create a live Wallpaper.

Send your loved ones a splash of Patternator and make them feel good.

Download Patternator at this link.


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