The bounty of the year.

Apple has launched a new generous action that a user of old models of the Apple Watch can get the new model of the Apple Watch Series 2 is repair. Free exchange can count users 42-millimeter Apple Watch Series 0 and Series 1 of the Apple Watch.

Apple has notified its authorized service centers worldwide is launching a new temporary program to exchange old Apple Watch, Apple Watch Series 2 because of the lack of spare parts for repair. Until April 2019, the owners of the 42-millimeter Apple Watch Series 0 (the first Apple Watch) Apple Watch and Series 1 can get a chance for a free exchange of their smart watches on the brand new model of the Apple Watch Series 2.

Apple will exchange old smart watch new in case of shortage of spare parts. However, what components should be missing in the Apple service centers for free exchange in the company document is not specified. Thus, the only way to verify the possibility of sharing your Apple Watch Series 0 or Series 1 on the new model is the direct address to the authorized service center of Apple for repair.

To find a complete list of authorized Apple service centers in your city, go to the company website. About how to do this, we talked in detail in this manual.

Source: MR.


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