On the official Apple forum there are a lot of complaints from iPhone users XS and XS Max a problem with the cameras. The protective glass above the main camera module crack without visible participation on the part of users.

Numerous complaints boil down to the fact that the crack appeared for no apparent reason — smartphones did not drop, did not beat and did not leave in extreme cold. Cracks can appear as an already “old” and absolutely brand new vehicles.

Note that in the past year with a similar problem faced users of the iPhone X. Then Apple did not recognize such a defect covered by warranty, leaving the repair to the conscience and the wallet of the owners of the smartphone.

Now history is repeating itself, including the Apple that cracks are not covered by warranty. The company agrees only on the full paid replacement device. Given the cost of iPhone XS and XS Max, the dissatisfaction of the users is understandable.

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