“Yandex” in 2014 actively diversifitsirovat your business. Core revenue still brings contextual advertising in search, but the share of “Yandex. Taxi” are already visible. Catch up and other services: multimedia “Yandex. Plus” set of articles “Yandex. Zen”. But only in 2018 “Yandex” really “went offline” — the company has released two of the gadget.

“Yandex. Station”, which was released in may, is not yet widespread in Russia are not accustomed to use “smart columns”, in contrast to the USA, where they sold millions of copies.

The question of “Alice”: why Yandex need a smart column

On “Yandex. The station”: the first Russian smart speakers

“Yandex. Phone”, sales of which began December 6 — Russian is more understandable to the user of the product.


As explained by Forbes, Vice President, ecosystem products “Yandex” Fedor Ezhov, the main idea was to collect the entire ecosystem of products of “Yandex” on one smartphone: app to call a taxi, food delivery, maps, and most importantly — voice assistant “Alice”. Has a widget on the home screen, by default it replaces Google. Representatives of “Yandex” say that the hardware is adapted to the use of “Alice”.

The user, buying the “Yandex. Phone”, gets a full-fledged Android smartphone with the service “Yandex” on the first screen. This, of course, should increase the number of users of the Russian search engine (voice requests also go through it). This became possible only after the agreement of Google with the FAS in 2017 — it’s been just enough time for development.

“Yandex. Phone” deliberately produced in the medium price segment, to increase the number of potential buyers. In the segment of the flagship models there is a fierce struggle between Apple, Samsung, Huawei and their closest pursuers. Attempt, Yota Devices, which tried to launch the YotaPhone at the price of expensive models mentioned manufacturers have failed. The second screen as a wow-factor not enough for users to abandon more familiar models. In the middle price segment sold more smartphones, but competitors more here.

That it Russian?

Somewhat surprising that some users ask if the smartphone “Yandex” in Russia. In fact, he, like the column, collected in China, who find it difficult to compete on cost components. However, Apple devices are going in China, that does not make them less American.

The prerogative of the Russian company was the choice of electronics and the appearance of the smartphone. It is clear that this had to take into account the allowable cost is to insert the OLED display in the device for 18,000 rubles and sell it at a loss is simply impossible. But high-quality DAC (digital-to-analog Converter) itself for the mobile Internet company ordered. The sound from the headphones is great (by the way, the phone has audio Jack that soon will probably be rare).


Even before the release of the smartphone in the network leaked its characteristics and the expected retail price. Users immediately found models with similar components but cheaper. In reality, devices with the same processors and memory can work in different ways, and the resolution of the camera is not always correlated with the quality of its pictures.

When you first start the smartphone interface is significantly “slowed down” — has become even anxious for the level of the Russian programmers who “dataqual” Android. However, after initialization and restarting it worked quickly. Using “Alice” instead of the original assistant Google in General convenient. But from the camera’s impressions were mixed. In light of the majority of even low-cost smartphones make satisfactory pictures, but in the dark is often lost. “Yandex. Phone” makes enough clean shots on the White house, photographed by night, visible noise, surprisingly. However, for speed shooting smartphone is significantly inferior “classmate” — Huawei P20 lite.

Also “Yandex.phone” upset a small set of tools for editing photographs. And this despite the fact that he has two main chambers. But apparently, while the second is not used to switch to another zoom (not digital, but that’s another lens), or “unstick” the photo from the background (as in Lenovo Vibe S1) second camera does not allow.

Trial balloon
“Yandex” is likely not telling about all their plans. The company has a Vice President responsible for ecosystem goods, so that the release of column and mobile — probably part of the strategic process, during which there will be many more and of trial, and error.

Internet companies really want to get into the market of smartphones, so Google cut them off from customers. Already there have been cases of high-profile failures — with your smartphone failed Facebook. Sales data “Yandex. Phones” yet. The company said that it had sold as many smartphones as planned.

Anyway, it is worth remembering that for “Yandex” the release of the smartphone experiment. Its representatives claim that all the observations to the device is accounted for and goes through, the phone will be upgraded. According to the market history of previous Russian smartphone YotaPhone, we can expect that there will be a new model, and the current most remain experimental. Besides, the price is not constant, if financial conditions permit, the company can reduce it with cheaper budget models and top-end flagships.

In the meantime, customers can choose the smartphone of “Yandex” in the store for a good sound. Russian gadget can be claimed as a smartphone from a friend of a manufacturer. And the pursuit of patriotism is clearly noticeable on the part of Russian users at this “Yandex” can play.

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