Industry sources report that the technology mini-LED will appear in the backlight systems of LCD monitors in the second half of 2019. It is planned that the first will be gaming monitors. And Huawei and Xiaomi plan to use the lighting in the screens of their smartphones.

As reported in a 27-inch monitor is used about 10,000 crystals mini-LED, which is equivalent to using a two-inch plate with miniature LEDs. For screen smartphone enough 2000 mini-LEDs (at a diagonal from 5.5 to 6 inches). It is assumed that the mobile device will become the first main market for such displays.

It is also expected that this year the price of such illumination will drop to 20-30 dollars, and the price of the screens will be 10 dollars above the cost of the OLED display of the same size. Production of mini-LEDs have already started companies Epistar and Lextar Electronics.

Note that the same screens you plan to use in future Apple decisions. This year there will be new iMac display is 31.6 inches, made by the same technology. And in the future mini-LED screens will be installed at iPad, 15— inch and 17-inch MacBook. It is not excluded that in the future they will be on the iPhone.

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