Gifts for male holiday.

Don’t know what to give on February 23? We have some proven ideas. All selected gifts are cheaper 2000 rubles!

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1. Shipping from Russia! Tool set

Price: 1911 rubles (53% off).

A great set of 165 tools for all occasions. The kit really has everything you would ever need to repair, though small, though large. All the tools are placed in a convenient and relatively compact suitcase.

2. Air purifier in car

Price: 711 roubles (33% discount).

Air purifier and air freshener that you can use in the car. It works from USB, so you can activate the gadget will work even from a smartphone. The device will make the air in the car cleaner and fresher. A cool gift for all the men who have to constantly is driving.

3. Hiking backpack

Price: 1296 rubles (discount 44%).

Waterproof Hiking backpack 50 liters. Looks very modern, but most importantly, is really comfortable. In reviews customers note that the straps do not RUB and the overall design of the backpack is recognized perfect.

4. The fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Price: 1872 ruble (20% discount).

Proven gift smart bracelet from Xiaomi. Gadget display to transmit all notifications from your smartphone, to monitor human activity, improve sleep and even to measure the pulse. The device will not have to charge — it is running an impressive 20 days.

5. Shipping from Russia! Headphones JBL

Price: 503 ruble (discount 45%).

Inexpensive but proven wired headphones from a reputable manufacturer JBL. Headphones very loud, but the sound of them is clean, rich and with a noticeable bass.

6. Wallet-purse

Price: 513 rubles (discount 48%).

Elongated men’s wallet with a stylish design. Such wallets are rapidly gaining popularity due to its modern appearance and quality.

7. Razor Xiaomi

Price: 1524 ruble (25% discount).

Very cool razor from Xiaomi, which customers called the “killer” models from Gillette. Razor brings the perfectly smooth shave and unusual design in the style of all the other Xiaomi products.

8. Stylish thermos

Price: 701 ruble (discount 55%).

Thermos mug — a gift that will be useful to almost everyone. Here’s a thermos will be able to take with you anywhere — it’s small, beautiful and practical. This is one of the most popular models on AliExpress. Pay attention to the reviews, customers really satisfied.

9. Crossbody bag

Price: 1626 rubles (discount 54%).

Comfortable crossbody bag that easily fits all of the documents, a smartphone, money, keys and everything else that you have to carry around every day. In the spring, summer and autumn, when stuffed the entire small pockets does not work, these bags become a real salvation.


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