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Looking for a gift on March 8? If you need a gift that will be appreciated by every woman, then look at the data collected in the selection of goods. The list is based on surveys among women themselves!

1. Pan Panda Tefal

Price: 890 rubles (400 rubles).

Original pan with non-stick coating from Tefal. Frying pan has the shape of a muzzle of a Panda. Due to this, it is unusual and allows you to cook unusual dishes.

2. Elektrogril Philips

Price: 3990 rubles (2,000 rubles).

A great helper in the kitchen — the grill from brand Moulinex. The grill allows you to quickly and efficiently cook healthy meals without the fat.

3. Pink iPhone 6s

Price: 24 990 rubles (discount 3000 rubles).

iPhone has always been and will be checked gift on March 8. Currently, it is most advantageous to take the iPhone 6s, the price of which pleasure subsided. On sale is a pink model that is most popular among women.

4. Women’s laptop bag

Price: 1790 roubles.

Stylish women’s bag for laptop and documents. Gorgeous gift for a student or a busy woman who does not part with his laptop.

5. Headphones JBL

Price: 1990 rubles.

Unusual headphones JBL in a bright blue color. Headphones are specially designed for girls and women. Suitable as a gift to anyone, even to a child.

6. Column JBL Pulse 3

Price: 9990 rubles (1500 rubles).

A real hit JBL — Bluetooth speaker with lights. The chip column is that the backlight changes depending on the music, pouring millions of different colors. A perfect gift for music lovers.

7. Rowenta hair straightener

Price: 4590 rubles (900 rubles).

Quality of the hair straightener from the company Rowenta. Buying this kind of expensive, but necessary to women tools are often delayed. Therefore, a gift will be doubly pleasant.

8. Blender Moulinex

Price: 3990 rubles (1500 rubles).

Submersible blender Moulinex from the company. Extremely easy to use, very powerful, but quiet. Cool tool for the kitchen.

9. Multicookings Redmond

Price: 6990 rubles (2,000 rubles).

If you want to ease the woman cooking the gift, you should look at modern multicooker from Redmond. The slow cooker can cook, stew, fry, simmer and even cook for a couple. Slow cooker characterized by the presence of different pre-set programs for cooking unattended.

10. Instant camera print Fujifilm

Price: 3990 rubles (700 rubles).

If you need an original gift, the instant camera from Fujifilm print — your choice. The camera allows you to take a picture and then print it. Pictures can be immediately to give to friends as a keepsake or to show them in an unusual collage.

11. Wireless headphones

Price: 2190 roubles.

Harper bright wireless headphones created especially for sports. Headphones have loud clean sound with palpable bass. One of the best options for their money, especially in this design.

12. Irons Remington

Price: 2990 roubles (RUB 800).

Irons from Remington allow you to create voluminous hair in a matter of minutes at home. This model is a modern — scalding on hot forceps impossible.


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