It is possible to take!

Don’t know what to give on February 23? Come to mind only banal ideas, like socks or shaving foam? Suggested that it is possible to give for the coming holiday male!

1. Bag for gear

Price: 878 rubles (discount 24%).

Durable bag for gear in a military style. The bag is very roomy, so perfect for use outside fishing and hunting.

2. Shipping from Russia! Smart watch Xiaomi

Price: 4151 ruble (40% discount).

Smart watches do want many, but not all are resolved to spend money on them, as there always have needs more important. That is why smart watches are a great gift on February 23! Especially such as Xiaomi Amazfit Bip. This watch transmit notifications from any smartphone, monitor activity including heart rate, but most importantly work for a whole 45 days without recharging.

3. Multitool

Price: 1545 rubles.

Stylish and multifunctional multitool, which will not refuse any man. The multitool looks gorgeous and offers the use of 11 instruments. All made of stainless steel is not a toy but a really useful gadget.

4. Vest heated

Price: from 1463 rubles.

Irreplaceable thing for everyone who goes fishing or hunting. This vest is heated, which heats very powerfully, eating from a conventional external battery!

5. Shipping from Russia! Shaver Panasonic

Price: 3655 rubles (discount 35%).

Checked shaver from known Panasonic. The shaver includes a trimmer that allows you to shave his beard and even hair in the nose and ears.

6. Thermos

Price: 556 rubles (discount 60%).

Cool stainless steel thermos. Looks very modern and retains heat for a long time. A great gift that accentuate the concern.

7. An effective fish bait

Price: 199 roubles.

And this gift will be perfect for fishing enthusiasts. This is a very effective bait for fish that glows in the water.

8. Sleeping bag

Price: 984 ruble (discount 43%).

And another gift for those men who love hunting or fishing. Two way sleeping bag will allow you to relax in comfort outdoors without fear of freezing.

9. Scarf

Price: 419 rubles (discount 49%).

Scarf — a traditional gift on February 23. Recommend to look at this model, which is gaining rapid popularity on AliExpress in the last few months.

10. Shipping from Russia! Wireless headphones

Price: 1088 rubles (discount 59%).

The final gift is also one of those “everyone wants, but few people buy”. Quality wireless headphones from a reputable manufacturer Bluedio. Headphones have a gorgeous clean, but loud sound and long battery life.


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