A citizen of Kazakhstan, Anna S. was offended by her unemployed lover Arthur A. after the message about the breakup and decided herself to compensate the moral damage at his expense and robbed a young man. Against 26-year-old women in Taganrog opened a criminal case under article “Theft in especially large size”. This “360” said a source in law enforcement bodies of the Rostov region.

The investigators found that the girl on the morning of November 28, smashed a window and climbed into the house where he lives 32-year-old Arthur A., and stole a million rubles, a coat and two iPad. Then the ex-girlfriend fled the scene.

Photo source: the social network

Police have interviewed the victim and eyewitnesses.

Is the whereabouts of Anna S. set law enforcement officers. Offended the robber threatens till 10 years of imprisonment.

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