The S versions of iPhone are always such problems.

Users around the world began less likely to seek information about the new iPhone on the Internet. According to the service “Google Trends” consumer interest in the iPhone is reduced starting in 2013. Moreover, the number of queries about the iPhone XS, Max XS iPhone and iPhone XR is the minimum for the new iPhone models in 2012.

Analysts Bloomberg believe that the low number of search queries on the new iPhone is not a serious indicator of the decline of Apple. According to them, we are talking about an “S” upgrade an iPhone which traditionally meet consumers less active. In addition, the interest of Internet users was negatively impacted by the high price of a new iPhone.

On the chart of the service “Google Trends” is indeed observed that all S-model iPhone interested consumers far fewer models of smartphone next generation. Especially evident decline the iPhone 6s in 2014, which almost matches the decline in requests for iPhone 2018.

Bloomberg also took the opinions of two sources from the supply chain Apple on the current state of the American company on the market. Sources said that the winter festive period no doubt will be traditionally the peak for Apple, despite the decline of the company’s shares on the background of rumors about not the highest sales of the new iPhone.

Source: Bloomberg.


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