And several versions cheaper.

Caviar a Russian company has created several models of the iPhone XS Max for those who the regular version of the smartphone does not seem too expensive. The device of the limited series are equipped with Maximum storage to 512 GB, enclosures of rare and precious metals, and cost from 329 thousand rubles and above. Maximum charged jewels model costs 999 thousand rubles.

The line consist of five gadgets. The Maximum available is called Ultralight. This smartphone is lightweight and durable carbon fiber body. For such manufacturer requests 329 thousand rubles.

Maximum Ultralight

Maximum Invincible model in the strong titanium with engraving of 349 thousand rubles. According to the manufacturer, this is the most durable smartphone in the lineup.

Maximum Invincible

The third version — Maximum Gold. The rear panel of the gadget is adorned with gold and textured design. For this the buyer will have to pay 379 thousand rubles.

Maximum Gold

Model Maximum Diamonds enclosed in a reinforced titanium and inlaid with silver and diamonds. Because of this higher price is 639 thousand rubles.

Maximum Diamonds

The most expensive in the line Maximum model — Maximum Fine Gold. It is made from a single piece of gold weighing 150 grams. The back panel is decorated with geometric pattern. The price of mobile — 999 thousand rubles.

Maximum Fine Gold

We will remind, tomorrow in Russia will start official sales of the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. If you want the regular version, not the device from Caviar, we recommend reading our article on how to buy a new gadget without waiting in queues.

Source: Caviar


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