Since the launch of the Apple Card was not so much time. However, in an interview with CNBC, CEO of Goldman Sachs David Solomon noted that at the moment Apple is the most successful credit card credit card ever launched largest us investment Bank.

According to Solomon, the users are very willing to make the Apple Card. Moreover, the demand for Apple’s maps are not only not diminished, but rather increased. In addition, users do not simply draw up a map. A “do” Apple Card to your main payment card.

Some experts explain such success of Apple Card Apple have a huge audience of loyal users. Many of them trust the company and were confident that Cupertino will create an interesting product.

However, the Apple Card has only been partially successful project. Recently The Wall Street Journal reported that Goldman Sachs carries a lot of losses for the service Apple credit card. The sources claimed that the creation of the map took about $ 300 million. Thus the Bank also lay down the various associated costs: maintenance, processing of incoming funds, client support, etc.


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