If tired of Twitter and want change, then it’s time to delete all their tweets. Here’s how to do it.

This step will be especially interesting to those who do not like the attitude of large companies to the confidential information of its users. The scandal with the leak of information is breaking out constantly, so it makes sense to think about.

Deleting tweets

Unfortunately, Twitter does not have a tool to delete all tweets button, you will have to resort to using third-party services. They all allow you to clean at the same time a maximum of 3200 records, so much active users you need to spend a little more time on “housekeeping” account.

One of the best – TweetDeleter, that you need to buy a subscription cost of $ 15. It works very simply, and the whole removal process is reduced to pressing a single button. Unfortunately, the surgery itself takes several hours, so have patience.

To operate the data service requires a Twitter account, so after all the tweets will disappear, it is better to change the password. In addition, TweetDeleter can advertise themselves in the user’s account, which is especially frustrating at a price of $ 15.


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