Google Project Zero has launched a project called 0Day ‘In the Wild’, which will allow you to track the vulnerability, the exploitation of which began before they became known to the public or manufacturers.

In fact, we are talking about the list, including a zero-day vulnerability. Currently there are more than hundreds of bugs exploited in the real attacks 2014. The table contains a number of sections that specify the CVE ID of the vulnerability, the manufacturer of the affected software or hardware, the actual vulnerable product, the type of vulnerability, its description, date of discovery, date of release of the patch, links to official warning and report about the vulnerability, as well as data, who exploited the bug.

At the moment the list contains information about vulnerabilities affecting decisions from a number of companies, including Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Adobe, Mozilla, Cisco, Oracle, IBM and Ghostscript, as well as data, some cybercriminal groups have used one or the other vulnerability (APT3, FruityArmor, ScarCruft (APT37), BlackOasis, APT28 (Fancy Bear, Sofacy), the Equation Group, AdGholas, APT31, Sandworm, Animal Farm, etc.).

As noted, the project does not extend to all zero-day vulnerabilities, but only on the bugs covered by the research team Project Zero. In addition, the project does not include vulnerabilities in products, period of support which was terminated by that time, as was discovered a bug or problem in service during the period when they were already aware, but the patch has not been released.

“Data is collected from public sources. The information is not new, but it seems to us that to merge it in one place will be helpful,” said Project Zero member Ben Hawkes (Ben Hawkes).

As shown by the collected data, the average expoit for zero-day vulnerabilities emerge every 17 days, and the fix for actively exploited bugs takes vendors 15 days. It also appeared that about 60% of the problems are vulnerability a memory corruption.

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