In early August, 2018, Google announced the introduction of censorship on user search queries from China. Employees of the Corporation was incensed by this news, reports Business Insider.

Recently leaked internal Google documents, according to which, the search giant plans to resume work in mainland China. To do this, corporations will have to comply with the requirements of the government of China to censorship.

The project received the code name “Dragonfly” — “Dragonfly”. It will affect the operating system Android.

The press service of Google has refrained from explanations:

“We do not comment on speculation about future plans,” — said representatives of the company to queries of journalists.

However, this news has caused outrage among Google employees. Meredith Whittaker is a researcher with the University of new York and a recognized expert in the field of artificial intelligence, which also works in Google — left tweeted a rather emotional message:

“What the hell! As the provision of mass political censorship based on the application of artificial intelligence, when performing search queries, does not violate article 19 and the promise of Google to create a technology that “contrary to generally accepted principles… respect for human rights” is, indeed, a mystery”.

Workers Google supported and one of the U.S. senators Marco Rubio:

“The situation is in doubt, until we know more. But, reading how Google plans to help China to implement a centered search, very worried. They won’t help the Security Department to protect the citizens, but will help China to suppress the truth?”, — surprised the Senator on his page on Twitter.

Google search service has stopped working in China in 2010 because the company management did not want to censor search results. However, it seems that over time the position of the Corporation changed.


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