In early February, Google announced that the home security system and burglar alarm Secure Nest will soon be compatible with the “Assistant”. Thanks to the update, users will be able to control “smart” devices, giving instructions to voice assistant.

The catch is that “Assistant” requires a MIC what consumers purchase a security system, did not know. Moreover, this fact was not even mentioned in the product specifications. In particular, earlier Google never talked about the built-in microphone in the Nest Guard is a device that combines the functions of source of alarm and motion sensor.

Representatives of the search engine, commenting on the situation to Business Insider, acknowledged that a mistake was made. “The built-in microphone was never secret and had to be specified in the specifications, — said in Google. — It was a mistake on our part”. The company stressed that the microphone is “never included” and “activated only when the user explicitly enabled this option”.

The microphone was added with the purpose to extend the functionality of devices Nest Secure as the emergence of new opportunities. For example, to “smart” alarm will be able to recognize the sound of broken glass, the company said.

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Google bought Nest, a startup founded by people from Apple in 2014 for $3.2 billion. Head of the company Tony Fadell, commenting on the deal, has promised not to impose the goods and services, and its policy is to maintain a transparent, requiring the consent of the consumer. In February of 2018 at the Nest was replaced by the head: he became Rick Osterloh, senior Vice — President, “iron” Google and the former head of Motorola.

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