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The banking sector is one of the most technologically advanced and progressive in Russia. People learn in different information about it — from the best conditions debit cards to promising investment destinations. Google analyzed that are of most interest for Russian users of Google Search and changed as the needs of the audience compared to 2017.

In search receives about 10 requests for banking sector every second. For example, the medical field, one of the most popular network, accounts for up to 30 requests per second. Consumer online queries from the banking sector are divided into two directions: the desire to spend money; the desire to save or invest.

During the year the interest in debit cards has increased by 15%, while the number of queries on credit cards and installment cards decreased by 9%. At the same time, users were more likely to seek information about cash loans (+16%) and microloans (+33%). An interest in during the year, sometimes even ahead of interest in loans. People often studied the information about loans on the card than the cash loans.

Reduced growth rate of the interest and cash withdrawal ATMs. For example, in 2017, from January to September the number of such requests increased by 36% for the same period in 2018, the increase was only 13%. Rush requests for withdrawals traditionally falls on the last week of December, after which the interest drops sharply during the weekend for the holidays.

The current trend is paying with a smartphone. Interest in it has grown by more than half since the beginning of 2018 (+52%). Apple Pay has long been the leader among other services, and for the first 9 months, there were two peaks — in spring and summer. But in March 2018 Google Pay in September came in first place in this category according to the volume of queries on Google Search. Parallel to the growing interest in the Samsung Pay.

Smartphones help you find the information here and now, therefore, in almost all financial categories growing share of mobile queries:

In 2018 Russian users is 19% more often sought information about investments. The largest increase occurred in the brokerage account and ETF (Exchange Traded Funds). Inquiries about the ETF rose by almost 80%.

To the mortgage during the year the interest was increased insignificantly — only 2%. His peak was in January 2018 — then Google Search the number of queries about mortgages rose sharply by more than 35% compared to the previous period, and then rapidly decreased.

At the same time, users have become less interested in one classical way of savings — deposits (-9% requests by July 2018 compared to July 2017).

Users often seek information about banking products with reference to a particular brand. Among Russian companies the most interesting remains of “Sberbank” and VTB, although it declined by 17% and 12% respectively. The greatest demand on banks came in the “Mail Bank” (+22%) and Gazprombank (+11%). Experts believe that increased interest in “Mail Bank” stems from the fact that the brand recently launched on the market.

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