You’re not alone — the Japanese newspaper Nikkei published a report about the ambitions of Google for 2019, which focuses on a series of new devices including phones Pixel more than ever before, the new Google Home and a smart watch under the brand of Google.

The basic idea is that Google tends to rapidly increase the number of the offered equipment. Google currently offers their phones Pixel, a line of smart homes, Google Home and a few other devices including corporate security key Titan. Nevertheless, 2019 could be the year when Google will increase its level, offering consumers much more physical gadgets.

One of the most significant references refers to the budget versions of the Pixel series 3. The Nikkei report did not disclose much of what we did not know, except that Google intends to use these phones to “lead” the expansion of its equipment this year. This means that we will see them before, and it excited us. But don’t worry if you’re a fan of the hardware premium — the report also says that Google plans to release a line of Pixel 4 this year, and we expect that we will see this in October as usual.

But Google is clearly not going to stop there. The report also refers to Wear smart watch OS designed for the Apple Watch — presumably the long-awaited hours of Pixel — and new security cameras. The camera is likely to be the product of a Nest, since Google acquired the startup company in 2014.

It is also interesting to mention the new product Google Home — without any indication as to what may be this product. With the standard Google Home, Home Mini, Home Max and the recently released Home Hub in the line of Google Home is a big part of the core functionality, so it is possible that it will be the updated model for Google Home and not a new product. However, we will not be discounted at this early stage.

Most eyes are now turning to the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event which will take place on 20 February, and the annual show MWC 2019, which will be held in late February, so we didn’t expect to hear anything from Google until the end of this year. Google really appears at MWC in almost all the years, but usually only to announce new software. However, this year may be different from this supposed “expansion equipment” from Google.

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