Affordable and useful goods.

After a few days on AliExpress launched a Grand sale in honor of the world day of shopping. We are already in the market and you are looking for the best deals and the coolest products at competitive prices. If strength to endure until November 11, no, can stretch and yet purchase useful things from today’s collection. At the same time check whether the Bank card and whether you have forgotten the password of the account Alipay.


Price: 130 rubles (discount: 30%)

Compact, inflatable pillow for travel lovers. Help sit comfortably and take a NAP in the car, bus, train or plane. Almost no space in a bag or travel suitcase.

Safety glass

Price: 113 roubles (discount: 62%)

Durable tempered glass to protect the iPhone from scratches, cracks and falls. Covers the entire front panel of the smartphone, not only the surface near the display. On sale are accessories for many iPhone models. Don’t forget when buying to select from.

Mirror for bike

Price: 142 ruble

Universal rearview mirror for a Bicycle. Installs on either side with the bracket for the rudder. Useful thing for those who often travels by Bicycle through the busy streets of the city.

Nozzle on the faucet

Price: 90 rubles (discount: 7%)

Nozzle on the faucet with led light. Works as an aerator and save water. Shining in seven different colors and shuts off automatically when water is not flowing.

Towel for children

Price: 61 rubles (discount: 20%)

Soft and pleasant to the touch towel for kids. Sold in several colors with ornaments in the form of animals. According to the seller, made from environmentally friendly materials.


Price: 159 roubles (discount: 25%)

Beautiful in-ear earphones with good sound. Equipped with remote and microphone for making phone calls. To the phone or player is connected via mini-Jack.


Price: 106 roubles (discount: 16%)

Funny keychain for athletes. Compact and lightweight, it will not delay the pocket. When you buy you can choose one of three options: basketball or soccer ball and also the ball for the game of Golf.

Case for iPhone

Price: 135 rubles (discount: 20%)

Case for iPhone with the Christmas and new year pictures. Protects your smartphone from damage and just looks nice. If you buy such a case, the winter holidays will come faster.


Price: 168 roubles (discount: 16%)

Mask for respiratory protection against dust, harmful gases or vapors of paint. Suitable builders, workers of factories and enterprises and those who are in contact with chemicals. Made of rubber and plastic.


Price: 124 rubles (discount: 29%)

Men’s socks made of cotton. Short, suitable for casual and sports shoes. Sold in several bright colors with a pattern.


Price: 83 rubles (discount: 35%)

Soft silicone earplugs. Protect from outside noise and lets you quickly go to sleep, even if neighbors are arguing loudly or make repairs in the apartment. Easy to clean and sit comfortably in your ears.

Bluetooth adapter

Price: 119 roubles (discount: 14%)

Tiny wireless adapter for PC or laptop. Works via the normal USB port. Allows you to connect smartphones, mouse, headset and other devices via Bluetooth. Useful accessory for owners of modern gadgets.


Price: 180 rubles (discount: 44%)

Wireless computer mouse. Is comfortable in the hand: we can and in games to play, and work. Made from pleasant to the touch plastic, available in black and red colors.

The toothbrush holder

Price: 131 rubles (discount: 16%)

Holder for children’s toothbrush. The case is made in the form of funny little animals. The wall holder is attached with suction cups. Beautiful and unusual accessory for the bathroom.

Have a pleasant and good shopping!


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