The best deals the beginning of the week.

Buying on AliExpress is safe and beneficial. Today we once again will try to prove it by telling you about the details available with the Chinese market place. In this collection — discounted products and great deals. If you want to save, I advise you to hurry.

MicroUSB cable

Price: 71 rubles (discount: 48%)

Durable microUSB cable for smartphone owners on Android. Also suitable for charging accessories like the wireless headphones or external batteries. Length — 1 meter.

The Lightning Cable

Price: 89 roubles (discount: 35%)

Durable cable for iPhone and iPad. The flexible material near the connector increases durability of the wire and can withstand heavy loads. Available in several colors.

Compact wallet

Price: 149 roubles

Minimalistic men’s wallet made of artificial leather. It has enough space for credit cards and cash. Fits in jacket pocket or pants.

Tempered glass for iPhone

Price: 78 roubles (discount: 29%)

Durable glass that will protect the iPhone from scratches and drops. Unlike other accessories that covers the entire front panel.

Wrist strap for Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Price: 69 roubles (discount: 60%)

Bright and stylish strap fitness tracker Xiaomi. Available in a bunch of different colors, soft, hand almost not felt. Clasp made of high quality.


Price: 175 rubles (discount: 15%)

Jar with graduations on the body, which allows you to see how much liquid is left inside. It can be used by cyclists, hikers or athletes in the gym.

Case for iPhone

Price: 93 rubles (discount: 10%)

Hard case cover for iPhone 5 and newer models. Protects from dust, splash water and scratches.

Mount for GoPro

Price: 170 roubles

The mounting head for GoPro camera. Perfect for extreme sports, filming from the first person. On his head sits comfortably.


Price: 67 roubles (discount: 10%)

Cheap wired earphone for smartphone. Music lovers are unlikely to enjoy, but if you just need something to cover my ears in the subway, feel free to buy.

Mount for cables

Price: 123 rubles (discount: 26%)

Silicone mount for cables. With such leads will not be underfoot, break, or get lost in the apartment. Complete with an accessory or two.

Splitter headphone

Price: 90 rubles (discount: 25%)

A small accessory that helps to listen to music from one smartphone or laptop using two pairs of headphones. Made qualitatively, damage will be difficult.

Bike light

Price: 131 rubles (discount: 5%)

Bright led flashlight for a Bicycle. Fastens at the back and refers to the dimensions of the vehicle. Without such better in the evening not to ride.

Strap for Apple Watch

Price: 118 rubles

Silicone strap with a special case to protect the body of the Apple Watch from scratches and other damage. A great accessory for active people and children.


Price: 101 rubles (discount: 49%)

Key chain round shape with a pleasant texture and fun prints. Made of metal.

Car charger

Price: 63 rubles

Car charger, powered from the cigarette lighter. Charges two devices simultaneously. Available in white, black and green colors.

We wish you good shopping and great discounts!


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