Affordable and useful things.

If you are bored on the weekend, cheer up will help shopping. Not to spend all the money, recommend to buy on AliExpress. This shop a huge number of products, many of which are sold at a discount. In today’s selection we will focus on useful things at competitive prices.


Price: 110 roubles (discount: 20%)

Fun keychain in the form of a chicken. Made of soft and pleasant to the touch rubber. So you can carry it with your keys, on your backpack or use as a toy antistress.

Case for iPhone

Price: 139 roubles

Slim and transparent case for the iPhone. The accessory will protect your phone from damages but will not hide the design of the rear panel from the others. When buying you should choose is compatible with your iPhone model. There are cases for devices starting with iPhone 5.


Price: 112 roubles

Compact men’s wallet made of artificial leather. In such a room for three credit cards and some cash. Sold in several colors looks stylish.

MicroUSB cable

Price: 139 roubles (discount: 40%)

Durable cable for charging smartphones and tablets with microUSB connector. Also suitable for wireless headphones, external batteries and other gadgets. Length: 50 or 120 cm. Color — white, black, blue, yellow or red.

Pad on the keyboard

Price: 110 roubles

Colorful silicone pad on the keyboard of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Will protect the laptop from crumbs, dust, spilled tea and other troubles. Easily removed and washed. Suitable for laptops with a screen diagonal of 13 and 15 inches.

Wrist watch

Price: 169 rubles (discount: 19%)

Beautiful women’s wrist watch with pattern on the dial. The body is made of metal, but on the hand accessory is almost not felt. The clasp is solid and reliable. Working hours from the battery.

Adapter for iPhone

Price: 172 rubles (discount: 30%)

A special adapter for the iPhone 7 and newer models. It allows the wearer to simultaneously charge your smartphone and listen to music in headphones packaged EarPods with Lightning. Compact and lightweight, the adapter can take with you on a business trip or on vacation.

Case for Samsung

Price: 138 roubles

Colorful cover case Mickey mouse for Samsung smartphones. So you can buy a child who loves the popular cartoon character. The seller offers accessories for a huge number of smartphones. When ordering you need to select.

Decorative sticker

Price: 97 roubles (discount: 25%)

Sticker with flower ornament to decorate furniture, appliances or bathroom. The colors are bright, not fade in the sun and not overwritten. Looks very nice on white items.

Nozzle handle PPC

Price: 156 roubles (discount: 16%)

The nozzle on the handle of a mechanical transmission. The material is pleasant to touch, fingers glide over the surface. The top also has a shift pattern that will help inexperienced drivers.

Stand for smartphone

Price: 56 roubles

Unusual stand for smartphone suction mount. With this it will be convenient to read or watch videos. Made of silicone and easy — it can always carry in your bag or backpack.


Price: 186 roubles (discount: 5%)

Notebook in the form of a bitten chocolate bar on 80 pages. Size is 9.5 by 8.5 inches, weight — 65 grams. This unusual notebook will be glad to any student or student.


Price: 85 rubles (discount: 35%)

Silicone earplugs in a compact storage case. Will help you sleep and to protect itself from the noise of neighbors who are doing the repair, quarrel, or listen to loud music. Sit comfortably in your ears and are easy to clean.


Price: 71 rubles

USB-C on microUSB. This accessory allows you to charge smartphones using the old cables. Assembled efficiently, so will last for a month. If you buy this adapter, you do not have to buy expensive cable with USB-C.

Holder for smartphone

Price: 161 rubles (discount: 7%)

Magnetic car holder for smart phone. Installed on the openings of the air conditioner. The device holds securely, turns 360 degrees. Available body colors — black and black with pink, gold and silver accents.

We wish you good shopping!


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