Government spyware Exodus, which had previously been detected in 25 different apps in Google Play, now ported under iOS system. This warn researchers at Lookout Security.

Spy Exodus can retrieve the user’s contacts, record conversations, intercept, and track the location. According to experts, in the nature appeared the iOS version of this program.

It extends to bypass the App Store through phishing sites that mimic the official resources of mobile operators. Lookout Security professionals believe that this program was under development at least five years.

Exploring an Android version of this malware, experts came across several samples of the same program under iOS system. Further research showed that this variant of the spy applies to phishing sites.

The developers of the Exodus went on, they became part of the Apple Developer program Enterprise, to be able to sign your application using a legitimate certificate from Apple.

Of course, the use of the Apple certificates for malicious purposes is a violation of the Apple Developer program Enterprise. The American Corporation has recalled all the affected certificates.

Earlier we wrote that researchers have discovered a new form of government malware, which was located in plain sight in the official app store for Android Google Play Store. Experts believe that this program was used for wiretapping users.

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