The young Chinese company GPD once already managed to surprise the world by presenting the original hybrid gadget 2 Win. He managed to interest an unusual combination of QWERTY keyboard, mechanical sticks and a touch screen in a compact body but still with Windows 10 on Board. The device has received the support of more than $ 3.5 million. On this successful note, the manufacturer to stop is clearly not going. Already at the approach of the new hybrid, named Pocket 2. According to the creators, it will compete with Apple’s MacBook and Microsoft Surface.


GPD Pocket 2 is a laptop in an ultra-portable form factor. It is equipped with a screen diagonal of just 7″. Tablets with such displays are already almost not released, but the developers felt that this is the best diagonal for the gadget, which should always be with you. The device is positioned as work horse for any underlying problems, ranging from simple work in the office programs and the browser and ending with the presentations. As the OS uses full Windows 10.

The brainchild of GPD’s got a solid metal body with sleek design. Its dimensions make it possible to fit in the inside pocket or even small bag. It is particularly a burden a device will not, because its weight is only 465 grams. For the gadget performance 12-inch MacBook is really a little bit. It is the combination of lightness, compactness and high for its class, power is the main feature of this new product.

7-inch screen has IPS matrix with a resolution of 1920 × 1200 pixels and viewing angles up to 178°. It allows you to work comfortably even outdoors in bright sunlight. The mouse in this case you need only in extreme cases because of the keyboard unit includes a miniature optical trackpad, and the display, by the way, touch. From scratches and chips it protects the glass Gorilla Glass 4. To the left of the trackpad GPD engineers have provided a special zone with touch-sensitive buttons enable special options. For example, it activates a quiet mode of operation, the dampening system of active cooling.

The keyboard keys have a small course and do not require strong pressure. They should be quite comfortable for typing big texts. Microphone and speaker are also present. There is only front camera for video calling, it the developers decided to give up. Given the many advantages of the device GPD, this can hardly be called a great loss.


The “heart” of this pocket notebook has become energy-efficient dual-Core Intel Core m3-7y30. This is the same chip that is mounted in a compact Apple MacBook, and a version of the Microsoft Surface. Usually the device with it not have a cooler for cooling, but here it is still present. Its presence allows the computer to reduce the CPU frequency under the influence of high temperatures, assured the representatives of the company.

The RAM can be 4 or 8 GB depending on version built-in only 128 GB. However, if necessary, the volume of data storage can be expanded with USB flash drives and microSD cards. This has just two full-size USB 2.0 port, one format Type-C — is a significant advantage in comparison with competitors. In addition, the device has the support of all necessary communications, including Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth 4.1.

With a relatively small weight in the device managed to fit a fairly powerful battery capacity of 6,800 mAh. It will be sufficient for 6-8 hours of work without a network connection. With such a supply of houses it is possible to go without memory. Besides, to charge the Pocket 2 can be almost any charger from a smartphone or even with the help of powerbank. Compatibility with the Power Delivery 2.0 allows only 30 minutes to fill to 50% battery. The dimensions of the enclosure with all of this amounted to 181 × 113 × 14 mm.


This new GPD will start soon on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo, which was launched previous gadget company. This time, the campaign to raise funds will be to strive for 100 000 dollars. This amount this project will score high in a few days. All can be collected several million dollars that best confirms the relevance of such a compact and quite powerful gadgets on full Windows 10. Price also plays a significant role, because it begins at $ 569, which is about 36 000. Even after entering the market and traditional margins of the Pocket 2 will remain the most attractive solution. Indeed, in Russia the same 12-inch MacBook, for example, is over 90 000.


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