IPhone prototypes was useful for hackers — they can be used to understand how to hack smart phones. Because of this, there was an underground market where sell stolen models, some of which cost 120 thousand rubles.

Hacking iPhone iOS-hackers buying up prototypes of smartphones stolen from the production lines of Apple. About it reported the edition Motherboard.

The prototypes operate on a less secure version of the operating system. Due to this, the cyber criminals were much easier to investigate these devices and to find a violation in the system.

Prototypes are so popular among hackers that there is a black market for such devices. So, iPhone X with weak protection you can buy for 1.8 thousand dollars, iPhone 6 selling for 1.3 million dollars, the iPhone 8 Plus — five thousand dollars, and the cost of the iPhone XR up to 20 thousand dollars. Sale ads placed in the Network.

To connect this smartphone to the computer criminals use a special cable.

Hackers break into iOS and find errors, this information can be useful to law enforcement agencies. They were able to develop a device for the iPhone. They enjoyed the company Cellebrite and GrayKey involved in iOS hacking and unlocking the iPhone.

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