Cisco Talos working on issues of computer security, reported that she was able to detect the malware, which was hacked 13 iPhone high-ranking officials of India.

Using mobile device management with open source MDM, the hacker was able to access correspondence, data on the location and other important information of the victims.

The attack was subjected to 13 of Apple’s smartphone. It is not known exactly how the attacker managed to register MDM in all the gadgets. Maybe he needed physical access to the devices. It is possible that this was created different situations in which the victims had to allow third parties to use their iPhone.

By connecting all the gadgets to MDM, the hacker launched the 5 apps. Two of them were designed to check device functions, one project … correspondence, and the remaining two transferred to other data stored on the iPhone, including the GPS coordinates of the gadget.

The disclosed attack is remarkable that malicious software has managed to masquerade as popular mobile application to capture information. To neutralize the threat engineers Cisco Talos and Apple had to work together. Corporation of Cupertino has run five different certificates, which were built attack.

The attacker used a method of background downloading, inserting into the program a dynamic library, and added unauthorized third-party functions in legal and authorized in the App Store app. So he could discreetly for iPhone owners to collect information on phone number, IMEI of the device, the recorded contacts, location, read the correspondence in different messengers, including the Telegram and Whatsapp.

The data obtained, most likely was planned to be used for blackmail victims. The selected malicious AT first appeared in 2015. According to the investigation, the Creator of the program is in India. He tested the product on several smartphones before attack 13 mobile devices of the first persons of the country.


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