Apple engineers nervous.

Italian security researchers gained access to protected kernel memory iOS 12. New exploit could be the basis for the jailbreak operating system for iPhone and iPad. Will Apple fix the vulnerability is unknown.

The researchers of the company TRUEL IT managed to obtain the rights to read and write information to protected kernel memory is the twelfth beta version of iOS 12. This Assembly is now testing developers. The right to read and write is evidence of the successful bypass of the built-in software protection mechanisms.

Evidence for the existence of the exploit published in Twitter’s former iOS developer Simone Ferrini. In this short video, we see connected to the computer, iPhone and a few lines of code. They prove that the hackers managed to access the core iOS 12.

iOS 12 beta 12 pwned. (Kernel Memory R/W) with @and jndok @f_roncari — WE DID IT 💥

— Simone Ferrini (@Simone_Ferrini) 7 September 2018

Using a new exploit for the developers to create a jailbreak tool for iOS 12. Note that this will require other software components.

Apple may fix the dangerous vulnerability of the operating system, but it will probably affect the release date of iOS 12. The firmware will present at the event on 12 September on new iPhone XS and iPhone 9. The presentation also will tell you when regular users will be able to upgrade to the latest iOS version 12.

Source: Twitter


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