Legendary hackers of Pangu Team is back in business!

The hacker group Pangu Team has carried out the jailbreak iPhone XS running iOS 12. This was stated by one of the participants Pangu Min Zheng in his blog on Twitter. The hackers of Pangu is known to the General availability of tools to jailbreak the iPhone and iPad, so it is possible that in a short time, the possibility of hacking iOS 12 will be available to users.

The hackers of Pangu Team became the first team to manage to perform jailbreak of your iPhone XS, which is based on the system processor on the A12 Bionic. The other Ali group Security has demonstrated a jailbreak from iPhone X running iOS 12.

Previously, Pangu Team has repeatedly released a public jailbreak various iOS versions. The solution from Pangu is characterized by simplicity in use and also the fact that the jailbreak untethered was performed. This means that the jailbreak was not reset each time you restart your iPhone or iPad.

At the moment it is unknown whether the Pangu Team plans to create and release jailbreak utility for iOS 12. However, the fact that they shared their progress on hacking the iPhone XS with the public, should set fans of the jailbreak in a positive way.

Source: Twitter.


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