Under threat are deleted photos.

The hackers managed to discover and practice a new way of hacking an iPhone with iOS 12. Found a bug allows you to recover deleted photos from Apple smartphones and upload them remotely. The same bug is present in latest versions of Android, said the hackers.

The developers Amat Kama and Richard Zhu found a new unusual vulnerability in the current versions of iOS and Android. A bug in the operating systems gives you the ability to access recently deleted photos. Using a vulnerability in the JIT compiler, hackers were able to configure your Wi-Fi router so that when you first access the Internet from your smartphone, the victims were instantly uploaded all the deleted shots.

Though vulnerability and recognizes the critical, its use is rather difficult. At least due to the fact that the iPhone user must connect to a wireless Wi-Fi network, which is set in advance by hackers to steal photos.

However, the developers reported finding the bug to Apple and Google. In addition, for their discovery they received 50 thousand dollars in the contest hackers Pwn2Own Mobile. It is expected that Apple will quickly fix this bug already in iOS 12.1.1, which currently is under testing.

Source: 9to5Mac.


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