According to the company, in the hands of the intruders got names, email addresses and credit card information.

British Airways has announced that the website and app company, a group of hackers conducted a large-scale and complex attack. The stolen information includes financial and personal data of the customers who purchase and booking of air travel. According to the BBC, came under attack 380 thousand people.

CEO of British Airways Alex Cruz said that the company representatives have already contacted the victims, and in regard to the incident under investigation. Cruz noted that the company was 100% ready to dialogue with the victims and, if necessary, reimburse any financial losses of customers associated with the incident situation.

Hacking affected transactions made in the period from 22 August to 5 September 2018. If you ordered tickets through British Airways, it is advised to change the passwords on email and Bank card that you used when you ordered. Also, beware of calls and emails that will ask you to confirm the transactions that are associated with the flight.


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