Apple needs to better protect the iPhone prototypes.

Leading experts in cybersecurity revealed details about how they manage to hack the iPhone. The hackers admitted that the search for vulnerabilities in Apple’s smartphone runs on a normal iPhone, and prototypes. Stolen directly from Apple or from industrial partners iPhone do not contain most of the key levels of protection. This gives hackers the opportunity is much more efficient to search for vulnerabilities, including hardware.

The prototype iPhone is disabled different systems of protection that should always be active for the commercial models of smartphones Apple. Due to this, it turns out hackers to find software and hardware vulnerabilities in the iPhone with the greatest efficiency. It’s not just about the vulnerabilities to perform the jailbreak, but also to crack passwords on an iPhone or bypass activation lock.

Hackers buy iPhone prototypes on the Internet for a few thousand dollars. They put up for sale Apple employees or production partners who manage to steal the prototype.

Then a prototype is beginning to be studied with the help of special equipment and software. Since the protection system in the activated prototypes only half, hackers have much more opportunities to monitor vulnerabilities in the iPhone.

Source: Motherboard.


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