“Biglion”, being a large and quite technical company uses when working with non-traditional personnel, advanced techniques that involve any employee in the life of the organization, increase loyalty and ensure maximum involvement.

Due to the large number of young professionals need to find affordable ways of communication to build transparent communication and to prevent the pressure on the freedom of each employee.

Therefore, we implemented, for example, gamification, badding and meetings. You can feed Green fodder — this is the “home” iguana, you can play table tennis or relax on the couch, you can meditate in a massage chair. Yes things!


In the layout of our office used Open Space. Of course, now she’s popular, but the main thing — to give it meaning and warmth. For us in this system, there are pros and cons.

Among the advantages — joint “accommodation” in the same space: quick solution of problems, understanding of the task pane colleagues, building effective communications, a sense of unity and “close shoulder”. And for the holidays we compete in the design of their office.

Cons too: sometimes you want to exhale during a busy day to reboot. But this disadvantage we have zoned the lounge, where we put the massage chair and sofas.

Given that 99.9% of our employees is a generation Y and Z, we are definitely moving away from boredom and officialdom — we are for comfort, creativity and personal freedom. We have a bright interior design, comfortable furniture, chairs and meeting rooms, decorated in different styles and concepts.

Photo: archive of the company

For other holidays we have the area where there is, for example, the prefix in which, in fact, you can play when very tired and need to switch, intellectual game — chess and so on.

Our lounge is spacious and very functional. Here you can eat, to talk, to escape, to move, the scenery outside the window. To warm up, table tennis, table hockey and football, horizontal bar.

People like you get distracted when I have a chance to clear my head and switch. Then the day flies by, and no severe fatigue, relief from the fact that finally the work day is over! We try to do everything to the office was as comfortable as in their usual “habitat” — and get a efficient and motivated employees.

Total democracy

Iguana green — our famous pet moves around the office as she likes. It is completely manual and can be ironed — she likes the attention. Of course, when the office goes live iguana, is a console and a tennis table, the communication style needs to be appropriate — excessive subordination in this situation simply does not fit the atmosphere of the company

Photo: archive of the company

We basically there is no any dress code, we are absolutely loyal in this matter. We absolutely neutral attitude to all manifestations of subcultures, starting with informal approach towards apparel or any of its symptoms, ending a state of mind.

We are loyal to all manifestations of personality.

Generally speaking, if you like every day dyeing my hair from blue to pink, but you are a great professional, love your job and enjoy doing it — you are our man!

By the way, we have made an appeal to “you” — including leaders and top-managers. This reduces the distance by removing barriers in communication and achieving results. We are growing fast — the time to “overtures” no!

Boring meetings

To resolve operational issues that need to be discussed collectively, we have boring meetings, which have already drawn a thousand memes and meetups. This format is used by many major international companies operating in IT.

Photo: archive of the company

Our meetups is a completely informal meeting with pizza for lunch, normal in an informal setting. In this case, the programmers, product, sales managers — any professionals who are interested in the discussed topic, it is easier to find a common language. If everyone would make an official report, understandable only to his colleagues, it interesting.

On meetups is invited to all the company — everyone knows how many and where they are. We inform about them over a few days by mail creative mailing.

This is a very interesting and effective form of communication. Here, we can honestly say: “We’re doing a project, and we can’t have that.” Collective intelligence we solve all the difficulties because everyone is interested to reflect on a difficult task.

For each beginner

When the team comes a new employee, at first he feels discomfort. No one knows, you have to remember a lot of names to navigate in space, to find a common language with colleagues, to understand who is responsible for what, and in General — learn a lot of new information.

Adaptation of the employee in a large company — a science. We chose a tool called badding.

When a person joins the company, he has a Manager who sets goals, monitors their implementation, and receives reports. That is, he oversees the competent execution of the functions. But badding is a system in which the employee helps to adapt to the beginner, making it an informal, unobtrusive, comfortable in shape.

For example, to go together for lunch in the process to talk, to tell any unspoken rules that are not described in the local acts of the company and which are not told in the interview.

Photo: archive of the company

Buddy (buddy) introduces the office will tell you where you can drink good quality coffee, where they work the most beautiful girls (or guys) or at what time and why is it better to sign an application for vacation with the boss. It helps new employee to get away from the stress of the first day.

Coming to work the next day, the employee goes into the familiar place where he knows, in familiar surroundings.

For most people, changing jobs is stressful. We are interested to the embedding of a person in our team went seamlessly.

Very important when on the first day of going to work next to the beginner is the person who in such a friendly, informal, inviting communication will help to overcome this discomfort. Adaptation period becomes shorter, the newcomer becomes more disposed to work in the company, faster out on efficiency.

Family holidays

In addition to our employees, we are involved in the life of the company and members of their families — have family holidays, children’s matinees. It is also a well-established practice in large companies, which we with great pleasure introduced.

In the may holidays we hold a “kids” day. Every child I wonder why parents go to work and what they do. We invite kids to the office and in the format of a quest with the help of experienced animators conduct a tour of the office.

Oh, and we have for the sport. Our marketing Director Anna Migal runs premaratne. Financial Director Andrey Kuzin annually participates in the Russian version of Ironman, once ascended to Elbrus. Well, General Director Vladimir Vinogradov is running, plays squash and is actively engaged sports lifestyle.

What they say themselves?

Christina Seitova, Director of group sales

I came to work at the company on 17 Feb 2015 with big ambitions, motivation and spirit for maximum earnings. We have many challenges but I, in fact, can work to restart to go to a massage chair and a quiet chat with colleagues over a Cup of coffee.

Most of all I like the fact that you can give life to the fantasies in the workflow. Like the atmosphere and the fact that there is no sweltering office discipline, it is possible to plan your day yourself. I liked the system of budding, because it allows new employees in the shortest possible time to join the team and dive into workflow.

Dmitry Chernev, head of mobile development

When I came to work at the company, I had routine tasks, but appeared before me challenges and the search for innovative and interesting solutions. “Biglion” watching the development of IT and is trying to use innovation for technical and product development services.

For example, we are already actively working with Apple Pay and Google Pay, Data Science and Machine Learning, programming languages, GO, Kotlin, PHP 7, and Swift. Most of the company enjoy the friendly, responsive, professional, experienced staff and open to conversation management.

Thanks to the system of budding we receive almost seamless occurrence not only in processes but also an understanding of the ideological principles of the company.

Checklist: how to retain employees and motivate them to new achievements

Remember that every employee is a person with their habits, views and opinions. Let people stay on the job themselves.

Don’t try to force people to be like yourself if you head to achieve the result you need to make all employees feel comfortable, and not Vice versa.

Do not get carried away dull business processes, if that does not require the business itself. All long like working in the style of Google.

You have no idea how much loyalty to you as the employer can bring an iguana.

Give the man a break during the day — we all have different rhythm and maybe a twenty minute break will save you valuable specialist.

Team spirit can be strengthened through contests and gamification — so you will show each employee that his result is important, valuable and visible.

Invite employees ‘ children to visit work, where sometimes you can bring the child, parents love it.

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