The long-awaited opportunity for all service users.

Music Apple Music service has been working for more than three years, but the subscribers did not appear formal opportunities to listen to your music from a web browser. The situation was corrected, the developer Navid Golafshan, which created a convenient web player for Apple Music, allowing all subscribers to fully use the music service in the browser.

In order to use the web player, Apple Music, simply go to this link and login using your Apple ID. After that, the Apple Music subscribers will be available the usual tab “Library”, “You” and “Review” with the ability to listen as you previously added music, and new compositions.

In the browser version Apple Music does have several limitations. For example, the Browse more cut — it shows not all the suggested artists and albums. Also in the web version there is no possibility to listen to the radio station. Due to limitation of available for third-party tools developers.

The Apple Music highly appreciated the development of third-party vendor. That, however, is not surprising, since Apple is not the first year asked to create a web version of Apple Music. This summer there were rumors that Apple is developing a browser-based version of Apple Music, but so far no official releases were not.


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