It’s hard to believe but it’s true.

Smartphone iPhone XR once again surprised even the biggest “haters” of Apple. In comparative testing the speed of “Apple” smartphone proved to be not worse than the Galaxy Note9, which has RAM more than 5 GB.

Experts PhoneBuff have compared “live” speed of the iPhone and Galaxy XR Note9, launching various popular applications. On the first lap of the run iPhone apps XR just do not have a chance Galaxy Note9. XR on the iPhone much faster start the Camera app, the popular game Subway Surfers, Flip and Fit The Diving Fat 2, and office programs Excel and Word. However, upon further activation iPhone performance XR “dipped”. Smartphone much worse showed itself when running demanding applications — Facebook, Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon Shopping.

On the results of testing iPhone and Galaxy Note9 XR showed a similar result — 2 minutes, 38 seconds. IPhone XR once again confirmed the statement — the presence of additional “Gigabyte” is not a guarantee that the smartphone will be more powerful than all the competitors. Very often decide other factors — for example, the performance of the processor or the optimized firmware with Android manufacturers are not going smoothly.

Source: PhoneBuff


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