Streamer with nick Reverse2k last night won a big tournament Fortnite, which conducts the game developer Epic Games. The most interesting is the reaction of the father, according to Kotaku.

All seen in the records of the stream Reverse2k. The guy talks to his dad, who enthusiastically asks: “Eighty-six fucking thousand dollars? You need a fucking tax collector!”. Then the gamer shouts of joy and his father asked: “You plcase? Hey, Hey! I, too, brother!”.

Apparently, the father truly happy for his son and proud of him. The video is very touching.

Reverse2k has received this award for winning the tournament format Hold The Throne. In it, players must score the highest amount of kills in the game and keep the championship. Gamer kept really long and it got to 50 thousand dollars. Another 36 thousand dollars he won for holding the fifth place.

But the most important thing – not money, but the support of his father, who is a long time to tell my son about the responsibility that comes with income growth and the tax burden that accompanies it.

Fortnite is now the most popular game on the planet. In it, players must fight each other in the ever shrinking space for the battle.


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