At the end of October from the accounts of American businessman Robert Ross lost a million dollars. The culprit turned out to be 21-year-old hacker from new York Nicholas Trulia that have adopted the simplest way to get access to the wallets cryptocurrency and began to use it right and left. As a young enterprising guy first he lost his wealth, and then decided to pick them from the other rich — in the material “”.

Smartphone Robert Ross suddenly stopped receiving cell signal. Concerned, he went to the Apple store, and then contacted his mobile operator AT&T. While the man was trying to figure out what happened with his two accounts were written off in 500 thousand dollars. Came under attack bitcoins and esters purses on exchanges Gemini and Coinbase. A large amount of the money did not belong to him, he only kept in their accounts the funds of the partners, and any part intended to pay for the education of daughters.

In November 2018 the court of the American state of California was considered a scandalous case of Trulia. The indictment consists of 21 points, including fraud, embezzlement, theft in especially large sizes, the abduction of personal data and to change them fraudulently. Part of his criminal case qualifies as a serious crime.

Prosecutors found out that a hacker hacked into several accounts, but the money had to withdraw with only one of them. The other victims were the Director General of the 0Chain Saswata Basu, Vice President, Hall Capital Partners miles Danielsen and co-founder of a startup SMBX Gabriel Katsnelson. All it took for police to access their mobile.

In mid-November, authorities got a search warrant for a luxury multi-storey apartment Trulie on 42nd street in Manhattan. There they found a hardware wallet to an external device like a flash drive where you encrypted to store cryptocurrency. They managed to recover the stolen 300 thousand dollars according to the data discovered on the device. However, more than two-thirds of the amount stolen, they believe, will be harder to track. Almost immediately after the successful theft, the offender moved all the currency to his account and converted it.

Experts in the field of cryptocurrency investments are sure that forever abyss these funds could not. They believe that all transactions in the network to monitor: even a minimal translation on the platform are visible to everyone. A million dollars could disappear without a trace. However, the situation is complicated by the fact that the identity of the sender and the receiver in the system is always encrypted.

“In some ways it helps, because we can see where the money goes, — that’s the beauty of the platform the blockchain,” said Deputy district attorney County of Santa Clara Erin West.

However, she said, nobody will be able to find out who exactly now owns the means.

“It’s absolutely a new wave of crime,” said West.

She said that victims of such thefts to all holders of the cryptocurrency. Worst of all have to those who are flaunting their big investments. The greatest risk is a “target group” for hackers — the California police calls managers from Silicon valley.

Truly became a millionaire in a matter of minutes due to the use of primitive attacks — spoofing SIM card. Pretending to be the real owner of the room he could approve any payment or money order. The scheme of such an attack is quite easy and requires almost no special training.

An attacker can simply re-register the SIM card yourself: contact your mobile operator and, posing as the victim, ask to transfer mobile number to a new gadget. To confirm your “identity”, the hacker informs employees confidential information about the victim: social security number, date of birth and so on. Such data is possible for a small amount to buy on the darknet.

So the black hat hacking makes it easier to email or cryptocurrency wallet. Now he controls the phone, which is two-factor authentication codes. The rightful owner can’t stop him: he no longer has any possibility to control their accounts, because all codes will be sent to the device the offender.

“You sit at home, your phone is in front of you and you suddenly realize that there is no connection, because the bad guy took control of your room” — describes the situation of the Prosecutor of the West.

She called this method “a new way to commit old crimes.”

In the same way in August 2018 unknown criminals robbed a California resident Michael Turpin. Extraction of malefactors amounted to 24 million in the cryptocurrency. The victim filed a lawsuit against mobile operator AT&T, demanding that the company 224 million — $ 200 million he estimated the inflicted moral damage. According to him, during seven months of double-crooks hacked into his account, access it through phone number.

According to Turpin, AT&T condones criminals, violates the rules of data storage and privacy policy. He is sure that the company has a secret insider, who is in collusion with cyber criminals. In its 69-page lawsuit, he compared the operator of the hotel, which gives thieves the keys to the safes are available.

Earlier, the criminals are rather looking for vulnerabilities in software for mining and wallets. Most large-scale robberies in recent history was the attack on applications for mining on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain. In the summer of 2018 group crooks put on their bills of $ 20 million in this currency. Then experts noticed that scanning for open interfaces such did not cease with the inception of the platform: it means that criminals are always on the alert.

Recently various vulnerabilities cryptocurrency exchanges have become interesting not only for hackers. Recently experts found that the security hole in the system allows you to mine crypto-currency literally out of thin air. The scammers could completely burn the reserves of crypto-currencies at high cost.

Burglar Truly not the first time enters the field of view of the feds. In the fall of 2018, he as a plaintiff asked the court to bring to justice a group of four guys. The reason for the proceedings was again the greed of cryptocurrency. Assault on a representative of the Golden youth (and future felon) organized friends.

According to Trulia, in September a group of young people with whom he partied and drank all night, and coveted his wealth. His new friend, a rich heir Stephen Orso demanded that he gave him all the details of their cryptocurrency wallets. When Trulia refused, Orso and his three friends decided to extract that information by torture. As follows from the claim of hacker friends drowned in his bath, it was raining on him with hot wax and beaten.

To check out the kid’s testimony, the investigators reviewed records from surveillance cameras. It turned out that about three a.m. on September 7, Truly accompanied by four young men walked into his high-rise apartment on 42nd street. A few hours later, the guests left. According to court documents, one of them “hiding under the shirt of a rectangular object, similar to a portable computer.” According to Trulia, in the morning he found out that his apartment is gone the laptop, two phones and a hardware wallet, where he kept information about the account. The rest of the data the victim chose to hide. For example, he said, was his account hacked, and even refused to say which cryptocurrency’s the one he kept.

Later, according to Trulia, he allegedly saw a special application of moving your smartphone through the city. He said that the location coincided with the place of residence of its overnight guests. The materials of the investigation indicated that the stolen mobile gadgets and the laptop was returned to the defendants. A portable computer was all splattered with wax.

Accused lawyer Stacey Richman said that all indications Truley false. She claims that her client made a good deed — helped a drunk guy get home, and provided an audio recording where Trulia recognized in libel. Apparently, a group of young men criminal case is not upset: representatives of the American gilded youth continue to post in their social networks photo in private jets and selfies with celebrities. They were released without bail.

The company must appear before the court on March 14 next year, and before that will be conducted pre-proceedings. Some media reported that Trulia allegedly withdrew the charges, but no official statements on this occasion was not done. However, the million dollar robbery as a young man Robert Ross eclipsed the incident.

“It was clearly not his day, week, month or year” — ironically the journalists.

Interestingly, in the column devoted to the attack on Truley edition of the Next Web described the keys under torture, a new hacking.

“We know that you need to follow the hackers, scammers, cryptogamy and even podmostej SIM cards. But friends… this is a new sort of” — they concluded.

Then no one thought that the victim decides to get lost in such a simple and understandable way.

Trulyi have extradition to the West coast, where he will face charges. A court date will be announced in December 2018.

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