Wireless headphones Apple AirPods, except for listening to music, can be used as assistive devices for the hearing impaired or even spyware tools. As it turned out, iOS hidden feature that amplifies and directs the sound picked up the “iPhone” directly in headphones.

The function “Live listen” (Live Listen), in fact, turns AirPods in a simple hearing aid. To enable, open “Settings” go to “Item management” -> “Configure ale. management” and add item “Hearing”. After activating this feature becomes available via the “control Point”, which is opened by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Next, after removing AirPods from the charging case, you need to open the lower shutter, tap on the icon of the ear and click on “Live listen”.

Now user who have difficulties with hearing, you can put the iPhone’s microphone to the listener to better hear him. The function can be used for eavesdropping other people’s conversations: it is necessary to leave an iPhone at the source of sound, such as on the table, and withdraw to a distance of the Bluetooth signal (about 15-20 meters).

∎New headphones Apple AirPods wireless charging will be released in early 2019, the see also

AirPods — the most popular Apple accessory in history — came out in late 2016 (read our review). Release headphones 2nd generation is expected in the first half of 2019. They will be equipped with improved Wi-Fi chip W2, and users can activate the assistant by Apple with the phrase Hey Siri (“Hey Siri”), without even touching the device. Now to trigger the “smart” assistant, you need to double touch the body AirPods. In addition, the new model will support wireless charging.

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