Downloading music has long been not only illegal, but also unfashionable. Captured the world of streaming music services, which can for a little money to buy any of the composition. CDs also already sidelined and are often bought only the true fans of the performers. Now the driving force of the earnings of singers in Russia and abroad — Spotify, Apple Music streaming and other “colleagues”. And that’s a real problem for music.

Almost every streaming service allows the listener before you buy a particular product, familiarize yourself with a 30-second excerpt of the song. The coveted pieces are selected at random: the user can include the introduction or the chorus of the song. And each of those seconds need to hit and absorb a potential buyer.

But it can be shorter?

Music analyst Martin Connor said that because of this musical composition were less profound in meaning and easier for the musical content. Streaming services even influenced the duration of the songs — now no one wants to listen to a long introduction, enjoy a symbiosis of many musical instruments. The music has been simplified and shrank, said Connor.

Many performers, worrying about the big sales, don’t think about the quality of their product. Over time, the audience get used to it and start to appreciate modern music, forgetting about its meaningful past.

The clearest example is the song Rockstar rapper Post Malone. The composition consists of a looped chorus, but it is so memorable for its haunting motif, that managed to get into the prestigious Billboard Hot 100.

In it, recall, get of the composition, with the highest number of copies sold for the week. Simple song stayed at the top of the list for eight weeks in a row is not a record in the history of the chart, but still very striking and significant result.

Quartz edition came to study the words of Connor with maximum thoroughness and analyzed a number of today’s popular artists. So, it turned out that the American artist Kendrick Lamar, in his first album released songs, each of which lasted an average of 5.37 minutes. On his latest album songs in a average play, 3.57 minutes.

Musical fast food
In conversation with “360” music producer Iosif Prigozhin agreed that music in recent years is to simplify. On radio, he said, there is a special test of recognition — say, if the first half a minute you can’t define what a song is playing, so she did not become recognizable, and therefore its rating will inevitably drop. Songs now have to “hitch”, each of them has to be the hook part, which is particularly haunting or surprising.

“It should be a recognizable song, but rather original. For example, the song Staying Alive can learn in 30 seconds immediately. Now joining large do not work, and it’s true. The work must begin as soon as possible. Because if you do the entry powerful, the song just “float away”,” — said Prigogine.

According to producer, the current music is more reminiscent of designer. If earlier the composer had to have a “conservative knowledge” and skillfully to understand the notes, chords, keys, now they are required only to know a bit and feel the rhythm. “Today is enough to understand the technology to be a composer,” — said the interlocutor of “360”.

All the blame on karaoke

In the Russian music industry affects not only the Western industry, but… karaoke. According to Joseph Prigogine, the Russian “pop” is now run by people who “gain a hundred points in a karaoke and I think that they now know music the Joneses”.

Such people also form and lyrics for songs. Difficult to understand modern youth Christmas poems are “speaking about today’s reality.”

“I don’t want to call myself an old fart, but there was a substitution of uplifts that have incorrigible, it can not be changed. Avalanche is a different matter. Music has become fast food, consumer goods, daily consumption,” concluded Prigozhin.

The main thing — that words were repeated

In the modern generation, however, another opinion: so, the rapper T-Killah in conversation with “360” noted that “better people some times listen to the same song, than one very long one”. The interviewee said that streaming services have really made the music different: the songs are not only shorter, but more filled with different techniques.

“We need to stack at all desirable and verse, and the chorus and some flavor, which could be of interest to the listener. If we’re talking about pop music, what’s trending, the most important thing is a catchy motif, simple words. And if they are still and will constantly be repeated, that here you are, the success and hit song. If a lot of problems and deeper meaning — this is also the place to be, that’s great, too, but less hit,” said T-Killah.

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