Providers have to gradually raise prices.

In 2019 home Internet in Russia will rise in price, experts TelecomDaily. It is expected that the increase in the average monthly fee for home Internet will be 15%. The price increase is due to two main reasons — the increase of VAT from 18% to 20% and the cost of Internet service providers for equipment for the execution of the “Spring law”.

According to sources associated with Russian Internet providers, in 2019, will increase the average monthly fee for home Internet. The average payment will increase by 15% in ruble terms amounted to approximately 50 rubles.

Currently, the average monthly fee for home Internet in Russia is 347 rubles. Thus, in 2019, it may grow to about 400 rubles. The same forecast and the anonymous representative of one of the largest Internet service providers.

It is noteworthy that some Russian ISPs have already raised prices for home Internet, without waiting for the beginning of 2019 and the increase in VAT to 20%. According to the source, “Domy” he raised fees on the majority of tariffs by 10%, “the Megaphone” has increased the cost of transportation home Internet for 100 rubles.

Source: Hi-tech.Mail.


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