November 1, started streaming service Apple TV+, which offers subscribers original content. It is reported that the development and launch of the project, the company spent about $6 billion Platform has presented several television shows, among them the series “the Morning show” with Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer aniston, and Steve Carell and “See” with Jason Momoa. Apple enters the market, where it has Netflix, Amazon and other major companies. In mid-November in streaming race, will also join Disney+, and in may 2020 it is expected to launch HBO Max. Actively market video services is developing in Russia: to date, we have a number of domestic platforms produce their own content.

On Friday more than 100 countries began work streaming service Apple TV+, offering users exclusive content. Through its own video service with the Corporation expects to enter the market, where currently, there are Netflix, Amazon and other major platforms.

Apple is thinking about creating a streaming service in 2016. For the development of the project were hired Jamie Erlicht and Zack van Amburg from Sony Pictures Television, the former head of cable channel WGN America Matt Cherniss, one of the leaders of Amazon Studios Morgan Wendell and other important figures in the field of filmmaking.

Initially, the budget Apple TV+ was $1 billion, However by 2019 the cost of the service has doubled, and by August 2019, according to The Financial Times, was about $6 billion the Increase in costs including production of the highly anticipated series platform, “the Morning show”.

According to the publication, the development of a serial show with Jennifer aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell have cost the Corporation at a fabulous sum, with one episode left more than $15 million is more than the cost of HBO on the production of recent episodes of “Game of thrones”. However, the Executive producer of the show denied this information.

The first issue of “the Morning show” appeared on Apple TV+ on the day of the launch of the platform, along with seven other original projects. Among them — the post-apocalyptic series “See” with Jason Momoa in the title role and a show “For all mankind” about the alternative history of space exploration.

The service also offers preview black Comedy “Dickinson” about the history of growing up and finding gender (and sexual) identity of the American poet Emily Dickinson, a remake of the children’s series of the 1990s “Message from Ghost”, as well as animation projects for children “Snoopy in space” and “Helpers”.

A monthly subscription to Apple TV+ will cost $4,99. Russians will be able to pay for the use of original content only 199 rubles a month, but so far without Russian dubbing.

The battle for the viewer: new players

12 Nov the ranks of streaming services will join another online platform — Disney+. Here will be presented a production company Pixar, Marvel, and National Geographic, is located in the universe of “Star wars” and 30 seasons of “the Simpsons,” from 20th SENTURY Fox. The service will be available on Smart TVs, computers, smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles.

On the launch day Disney+ scheduled premiere of “Mandalore”, the first feature movie series in the world of “Star wars”. Exclusive mini-series from Marvel — “the Falcon and the winter soldier”, “Vandalize” and “What if?” will appear on the service in 2020-2021 years. It is expected that the service will also see a remake of the classic cartoon “Lady and the tramp” and the documentary “the world through the eyes of Jeff Goldblum”.

It is unclear when Disney+ will come to the Russian market, there is also no launch date for the UK. To date, the confirmed broadcasting in USA, Canada, Netherlands and 19 November for Australia and New Zealand.

The cost of the subscription to the platform will be $6.99 a month (about 448 rubles). Those wishing to purchase an annual subscription will have to pay about 4,5 thousand roubles.

Viewing content on another preparing to release a similar service, HBO Max from the company WarnerMedia, will cost $15 — as subscription fee for the channel (in this case, for those who watch HBO on TV, access will be free). The project will start in may 2020.

It is planned that at startup the Max HBO subscribers will get access to 10 thousand hours of content, including the TV series “Friends,” “the big Bang Theory”, “Sex in the city” and, of course, “Game of thrones”.

These shows will add 1800 full movies — all tapes DC and paintings that WarnerMedia will release in 2020, as well as the original products. Among them is the cartoon series for children Ellen Little (“Little Ellen”) from presenter Ellen DeGeneres and is the sequel to “Gossip girl.”

The Russian market

Increasingly, Russian video services not only broadcast of translated foreign or domestic content, but also produce original projects.

So, in the fall of 2017 has begun work START — the first video service in Russia with the content (series and movies) of its own production. In his library — more than ten original titles. As noted in the company, “including Frank and bold projects that will not be shown on TV”.

Among the original projects of the video service START — the series “Kept woman”, “Ex”, “Storm” and others. Content is available in web browsers, apps on mobile devices and through SMART TV. The cost of a single monthly subscription for all the products is 299 rubles.

In August 2018 and the launch of OTT platform PREMIER (last — TNT-Premier). Since in addition to content previously broadcast by several TV channels, including TNT, TV-3, ТНТ4, 2×2 “Super” PREMIER introduced several original projects exclusively for subscribers of the service.

Furor series “house arrest”, which received several prestigious prizes profile and many references in the media. Popular was a project Jora Gooseberry “Call DiCaprio!” with Alexander Petrov and Andrei Borkowski in the lead roles. A number of critics considered it the best domestic series in 2018. Later, the service released the Noir “Dead lake” with Evgeniy Tsyganov, “Sect” with Svetlana Khodchenkova, series “TEACHERS” and “BEHAPPY”.

The basic subscription for PREMIER costs 129 rubles. per month, the service access is also possible via a browser, mobile applications and SMART TV.

In September 2019, the media holding “national Media Group” has launched an online platform inviting, as noted in the company, the market’s biggest library of TV content from major Russian TV channels.

Apply for a single subscription (299 rubles per month) users get access to Russian TV series premieres before they air on television, the original content of the line more originals, foreign innovations (for example, “Attraction” with Mario Casas, or “the Prodigal son” with Michael sheen) and sporting events from UFC.

In the line of more originals already presented the youth drama “troubled Teens,” in the future expected output of the project “Hunky” with Irina Gorbacheva, “Psycho” by Fyodor Bondarchuk, Happy End of Roman Prygunov and others.

Answering the question about possible competition from Apple TV+ games+ in stressed that they are not afraid to lose its audience.

“In the current stage of market development it AIDS in the formation of segment and culture to pay for content consumption. So foreign players can only help us. It should also be noted that the services started first with the American content, to a greater extent is not localized for the local market both in terms of interface and in terms of localization voice acting. And most importantly, 70-80% of the total videopokerenlinea in Russia is the local content created in Russia, and these players it is not” — says General Director Denis Gorshkov.

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