The ultimate solution to the problem.

To subscribers of all operators from time to time have to deal with “accidentally” connected paid services. Operators can connect their secretive manner together with other services or after the transition from one tariff to another. How to completely avoid the possibility of connecting these “accidental” paid subscriptions “the Megaphone”? Told about the most effective and easy way.

Connect free services to ban their 6 pieces

In order to completely eliminate the risk of you have paid subscriptions or services that you hook up didn’t use special options for the ban. They are all free — no need to pay neither for connection nor for subsequent use.

Moreover, to connect all these services from subscribers do not need to go into the private office or go to the customer care Department of “MegaFon”. Enough to send some free SMS to the operator 5151.

That is what SMS should be sent to:

  • OSTAPETS — establishes a ban on “Mobile subscriptions” operator “MegaFon”.
  • УСТЗАПРЕТ1 prevents subscriptions from partners “the Megaphone” “Mobile subscription”.
  • UTTARADIT — puts a ban on “service Mix”.
  • НЕТКЛИК1 — prohibits service connection of short numbers.
  • УСТПБК1 — ban purchases in social networks and other sites by phone.
  • VALERO, disables all services that are marked 18+. Most often, such services are paid and very expensive.

To send all these commands to 5151 takes less than a minute. The benefit of this incredibly much. Banning all services through which your phone can be connected to a paid subscription, including “random”, you fully protect yourself from extra unplanned expenses.

Important — this must be done every 3 months

This operation must be performed every three months. The fact that all these banning services that assist the subscriber is activated for only three months. After that they are automatically turned off. As a result, the subscriber again appears a potential danger to the unwanted subscription.


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