iOS for 12.0.1, the first update of mobile OS from Apple since the release of iOS 12, though not introduced any innovations, has corrected a number of flaws that prevent comfortable user experience with their devices. For example, the update has fixed the issue preventing charging select models of iPhone and their connection with Bluetooth accessories, and arranged the work of LTE and Wi-Fi. But as iOS 12.0.1 influenced the speed of compatible iPhone?

Leading YouTube channel iAppleBytes conducted their own experiment in which he compared the performance of four models iPhone 5s, 6, 6s and 7 — running iOS 12 and iOS 12.0.1.

Is it worth to install iOS 12.0.1

Judging from the video, iOS 12.0.1 has had a positive impact at the time on the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6, as well as their overall performance. This is evidenced by the more sensitive reaction of smartphones by touching the screen, and faster deployment of applications and resource-intensive elements of the interface OS like menu Share.

But in benchmarks it was not so rosy. Some programs to measure “synthetics” behaved less clear, showing a slight decrease in performance, which, however, can be attributed to statistical error.

In more than new iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 operating iOS 12.0.1, in comparison with devices on iOS 12 changes are almost imperceptible. Test smartphones with the same speed handle commands, lightning fast responding to user actions. The synthetic test also did not show any change in performance of devices with different OS versions on Board.

Even if you are lucky enough and you’re not faced with any problem in iOS 12, reported by users, we strongly recommend to upgrade to iOS 12.0.1. Definitely will not be worse.

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