There was a time when $ 150 million seemed Apple significant investment.

“Two ravnovesnykh of the company.

In the valley where we lay our scene,

Are internecine battles.

And I don’t want to stop the bloodshed.”

– exactly what I would written by William Shakespeare about the confrontation between Apple and Microsoft, if he had lived in the 20th century.

During the exile of Steve jobs, Apple suffered one setback after another.

She literally suffocated from lack of innovation, and the Empire created in the garage started to fall apart a little. The Board of Directors has made a lot of mistakes, a computer Corporation, were in the process of stagnation, panic started to produce gadgets or accessories for devices, and sneakers, belts, jackets, cards, umbrellas, containers, bags and far from a bunch of technology junk. By 1997, the losses just in the last two years amounted to 1.86 billion dollars.

And then, finally, after 11 years, he took a triumphant return of Steve jobs to Apple.

First, for the post of Advisor to Gil Amelio, the Director General at that time, and then to the post of CEO. However, with the return of favorite media person fired from generated by the Corporation, on Steve jobs struck financial problems accumulated over the years of his absence.

Deal with the devil

6 Aug 1997 in Boston at the exhibition MacWorld, Apple Expo, jobs went up on stage and announced a new partner. What was the surprise of the audience when the screen is live appeared bill gates… the Hall was not happy about. Steve jobs later explained that all legal disputes with Microsoft regarding the copying of the uniqueness of MacOS, which lasted for 10 years, stopped.

For a $ 150 million investment, Microsoft received Apple shares without voting rights, and jobs agreed to provide Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer for Mac computers. It is this strategy of “win/win” from Steve jobs, where both corporations had won, saved Apple from bankruptcy, and the investment Microsoft have given rise to a new wave of development as a dying company.

Despite years of hostility and the fact that jobs called gates “shameless thief”, after the death of Steve, the head of Microsoft said, “I respect Steve, we worked together. We make each other better, even as rivals. Nothing of what he said didn’t hurt me”.

After 21 years, Apple became the first company in the United States, reached a capitalization of 1 trillion dollars. But, if not Microsoft investments and foresight of Steve jobs, which saw the allies, even at the main competitors, who knows what could have happened back in the 90s.


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