How much faster steel Apple Watch Series 4

How much faster steel Series 4На Apple Watch last week Apple launched sales of the updated generation of smart watches Apple Watch Series 4. In addition to the updated design, the wearable accessory has received a more powerful S4 chip.

MacRumors decided to compare the performance of all hours, which has been released by Apple over the past three years.

In comparison participated the original Apple Watch released in 2015, an updated model of the Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3 last year.

Download speed. Test on cold boot — turning on the Apple Watch.

Series 4 — 51 seconds.

Series 3 — 2 minutes, 18 seconds

Series 2 — 3 minutes, 47 seconds.

Series 1 — (suddenly) 3 minutes 19 seconds

Series 0 — 5 minutes, 8 seconds.

The increase in the speed of loading is obvious. Compared to the previous generation of smart watches, Apple has managed almost 2.5 times faster browsing. Worthy.

The speed of responses in Siri. The speed of processing of requests for Series 4 and Series 3 are almost identical. The flagship watch is only slightly ahead of last year’s model. The slow was the model Series 0 and Series 1. To use this assistant clearly uncomfortable.

The opening of the applications. Series 4 is significantly ahead of Series 3 when you download regular apps. From last year’s model and sometimes it takes a few seconds to the opening of built-in programs, while the Series 4 makes it instantly.

The older the model, the slower the applications are launched. It is quite logical.

Starting the camera. The owners of the Series 0 to control the iPhone camera will have a good idea to treat the nervous system. Opening apps takes too much time.

In Series 4, all smooth and fast. One there and after a moment the app is opened.

Journalists are strongly advised to update to Apple Watch Series 4 for those who still uses the clock to “zero”, the first and second generations. The boost in performance and comfort will be tangible.

But the owners of the Series 3 you can not rush. Yes, Series 4 are faster, but the difference is more modest.

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