How much is the iPhone repair new XS, Max XS, XR, and Apple Watch Series 4

Just a couple of weeks ago Apple announced their new devices, and potential buyers of the novelties arose a logical question: what value will come out one or another repair if damaged iPhone XS, Max XS, XR or Apple Watch Series 4? In Russia, the novelty has not yet officially sold, but based on the experience of previous years and prices of repair devices in the United States, it is possible to estimate the cost of repair of these devices.

Analyze prices on the most common types of repairs.

The cost of repairing the iPhone XS, Max XS and XR

In the case of new iPhone Apple will offer a repair, only if you broke the screen, and in all other cases, is the replacement device to the new one. The cost of a replacement display for the iPhone XS will be about 25 000 rubles, and XS is Max — about 30 000 roubles. But, as practice shows, the right accessories is not always on time, have authorized service centers and the time such repairs may take several weeks.

As for the other service centers here things are a little different (and easier). All parts of the wizard will take the review of new devices, and in connection with the excitement and apparent overpricing on the new iPhone, the cost of a replacement display for the first time will fluctuate around 30 000 on iPhone XS and 35 000 in the iPhone XS Max. These prices are not a surprise, since initially, all new model price screen replacement such. When the time came the iPhone 7, the cost was exactly the same, although smartphones cost significantly cheaper. At the time this procedure will take no more than an hour.

If the inside of your new iPhone hit the water, crashed the rear glass, or damaged the glass on the camera, Apple can only offer pay to change to a new device. It will cost about 45 000 for XS and 50,000 rubles for Max version. In this case, Apple still tough enough, so the logical option would be to appeal to unauthorized service centers, which have a pricing policy on repair and exchange of vehicles is much more profitable. Replacement back glass in services for iPhone XS will cost 6 990 rubles, and iPhone XS Max — 9 990 rubles. Replacement glass camera will cost 4 490 rubles. As for repair or exchange to a new smartphone after getting water, here the cost can vary from 2 000 rubles for the cleaning of up to 50,000 rubles for pay to change in the Apple.

Despite the “budget” iPhone XR, the cost of repairing it the first time at the informal service center will be approximately the same as in the case of the iPhone XS. This phone hasn’t gone on sale officially, so the exact cost of repairs is still unknown.

How much is the repair of the Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch is one of the most difficult to repair devices among the entire line of Apple products. If you broke the display on the first line of watches, there’s nothing special to replace it there. But with the repair of structurally new Apple Watch Series 2 and 3 began to appear serious difficulties. In these models, Apple Watch NFC module is on display and is tied to the motherboard, respectively, during the replacement of the display is required to unsolder the chip and transfer to the new module. To do this without damaging the display module itself, is extremely difficult. Apple Watch Series 4 has a similar design, besides still it is unclear how it will work, ECG and other new features on the watch after repair. Therefore, Apple will offer to replace the watch with a new surcharge of approximately 25 000, which is almost equal to the cost of a new watch.

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 4

While the repair of the Apple Watch Series 4 all is not very clear, you can take the opportunity to exchange the Apple Watch Series 2 or Series 3 on new. This action is exclusive to the readers holds service center Modmac. The exchange value will amount to 13 990 rubles. The specific prices on the exchange Series 4 yet, but according to sources, the cost will not exceed 19 990 rubles. By the way, ModMac can be exchanged for the new Apple Watch, but almost any Apple equipment.

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