Before the presentation of the iPhone in 2018, apparently, less than a month. Let’s try to guess how much it will cost each model?

According to rumors, in the first half of September, Apple will release three models of smartphones:

  • “iPhone 9” — the youngest and most accessible version, which will be equipped with a 6.1-inch liquid crystal screen. Perhaps the scope of the gadget will be made of aluminum, allowing Apple to represent the model in different colors. On the rear panel there is only room for one main camera.
  • “iPhone 11” — updated iPhone c X 5.8-inch OLED display, the scope of which may slightly decrease in comparison to the flagship in 2017.
  • “the iPhone 11 Plus” is the largest Apple smartphone, the screen size of which will reach up to 6.5 inches. Most likely, the package of this gadget will include a more powerful charging, because the device will get a fairly capacious battery.

Perhaps all three devices will be equipped with system of recognition of the user’s Face ID, will receive the legendary ledge under the front TrueDepth camera and will support wireless charging.

Journalists from many Western media consider that the price of flagship smartphones will increase every year, and the psychological mark of $ 1,000 is not the limit.

Let’s try to guess how much would be the Apple model 2018.


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