And do I need to do that?

Do I need to restart the iPhone from time to time to speed it up? This question always occurs in users, especially when the iPhone suddenly begins to slow down. In this article I told how often you need to restart your iPhone, and learned expert opinion on this issue one of the former employees of Apple technical support.

How often should I restart iPhone?

For iPhone users, there is no consensus about how often you need to restart the phone. Some users believes that this is a waste of time and no improvement due to the restart does not occur. The other part is sure that rebooting helps speed up decently to the iPhone, and even relieving a variety of software errors that can occur during use of the device.

Here is the answer of one of the former employees of the Genius Bar about this:

“When I worked at Apple, we regularly recommend iPhone users to reboot the smartphone in case the smartphone has been a failure or it suddenly started to work slowly. This is one of the official basic tips for crash fix on iPhone.

But really I would advise users to take preventive restart every week. Here the same principle as on a normal computer. Once you restart the computer after a few days of work, you’ll notice that he began to work faster. This is in General terms applies to the iPhone”.

Thus, the rebooting of iPhone is really useful and it is desirable to perform from time to time, e.g. once a week. Of course, as stressed by the Apple employee, a reboot is not required for normal operation of the iPhone. However, a timely reset will help to keep your iPhone in the best shape in terms of performance.


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